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Classification of OSB

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The osb board can be divided into four grades: osb1, osb2, osb3, and osb4.

 osb1 is general-purpose board and decoration materials (including furniture), suitable for indoor dry conditions. It can completely replace MDF and PB to make high-end indoor furniture, especially suitable for the whole cabinet and closet industry


osb2 is a load-bearing board, suitable for indoor dry conditions. The osb board plays an outstanding role in decoration, high-end furniture, export packaging, etc., especially in export packaging, fumigation-free and export-free inspection. This is a great advantage in the case of severe export green barriers!


osb3 is a load-bearing board, suitable for wet conditions. Building structure application: house building components include interior and exterior wall panels, floor slabs, large span beams, I-beams, walls and roofs, steel structure building structure isolation panels for wooden houses, villas, etc.; house building linings, interior panels, and heat insulation Boards, sound-absorbing panels, ceilings, wall panels; building templates.


osb4 is a load-bearing board, suitable for wet conditions. Construction and decoration applications: After processing, replace blockboard, three-plywood, five-plywood, template, fireproof board, decorative board, partition, lining board between solid wood floor and keel, or make composite wood floor base material.


The above are the 4 grades of osb sheet, each grade has a different purpose, so you must clearly know what grade you need when buying osb sheet.

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