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Definition panel furniture and solid wood furniture

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Which is better? Panel furniture or solid wood furniture

Panel furniture and solid wood furniture are distinguished from the following two aspects:

First, production materials:

Solid wood furniture refers to pure solid wood furniture, all materials are natural materials that have not been reprocessed.

The most common furniture is imitation solid wood furniture, which is a mixture of solid wood and artificial board, that is, particle board and MDF for side, top, bottom, partitions panels, etc., and solid wood for doors and drawers.

Panel furniture refers to furniture made of particle board and MDF for surface veneer or spraying various colors of paint. At present, the most common panel furniture is mainly based on wood grain simulation veneer.

Second, furniture style & design:

The solid wood furniture (pure solid wood furniture) has a simple and natural style, and the raw materials are relatively more environmentally friendly, which satisfies people's psychology of returning to nature, but it is rarely loved by young people.

The main disadvantage of solid wood furniture is that it is easily deformed and difficult to maintain. For example, direct sunlight cannot be allowed, too cold or too hot, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture.

If you do not pay attention to it during use, frequent changes in temperature and humidity will cause excessive changes in temperature and humidity, and even qualified solid wood furniture products will sometimes deform and crack;  In one word, that no matter what wood is used, how to work well, it is difficult to avoid these problem.

The style and design of panel furniture can be various, which can better show personality and meet the requirements of people's pursuit of fashion.

Moreover, the panel furniture is not easy to deform and crack, and it is better maintained. Because the artificial board is basically made of wood corner material, the panel furniture that meets the environmental protection indicators virtually protects the limited natural resources.


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