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High Quality PVC Foam Board for Europen Market

PVC PLASTIC FOAMING BOARD is also called Shave board and Andy board, and it's chemical composition is PCV, which is a kind of innovative environmental protection material, has the characteristics of good water resistance, moisture resistance , fire resistance, sun resistance, corrosion prevention, light weight, non-toxicity and no smell and excellent sound insulation effect, which is widely used in various fields, such as building decoration, advertising production and other industries and chemical anti-corrosion engineering, can also be used to make indoor decoration materials, costly furniture, sound proof walls, advertisement exhibition board, art board, photo albums board, as well as building templates, etc., due to its good plasticity, it is ideal alternative for wood, aluminum products and composite board.
  • HL-856200


  • 3921129000

According to the production process, PVC-plastic foaming board can be divided into PVC-plastic crust foaming board and PVC-plastic free foaming board.

PVC plastic crust  foaming board 600-900 KG/M3 The surface hardness is very high, difficult to scratches, widely used in cabinet, decoration, building, etc.
PVC plastic free foaming board 300-400 KG/M3 Surface hardness is moderate, which is widely used in advertising panels, board for framed painting, screen printing, engraving, etc.


PVC 板产品特性

  • Sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation.

  • Flame resistance, which can make self-extinction and can be used safely.

  • Moisture resistance, mould resistance , non-absorbent.

  • Heat preservation and outstanding shake proof feature.

  • Stable color and difficult to aging.

  • Light texture, easy to store, transport and construct.

  • Can be processed with ordinary wood machining tools, then the construction can be implemented.

  • Can be processed through drilling, sawing, nailing, planing and sticking just like wood processing.

  • Can be applied in thermal forming, heating bending and folding processing.

  • Can be welded by general welding procedure and it also can be bonded with other materials.

  • Smooth surface and easy printing.

Furniture Use
Density: 450-700kg/m3  Thickness: 3-30mm
PVC-plastic bathroom cabinet and cabinets use PVC-plastic plates of high-density double crusting technology, has strong water resistance , high hardness, and good plasticity. Finally special no-fingerprints processing technology is implemented on surface, which can effectively guarantee the personal contact without trace in use procedure.
PVC-plastic interior decorated board has the basic characteristics of PVC-plastic foaming board, heat retaining property cam be as high as above 30%, because of its sound insulation and heat preservation performance, it's widely used in architectural decoration industry. Such as interior decorated board 3D printing, hollow cutting, sound insulating wall, building insulation and so on.

Advertising Industry Use
Density: 300-400kg/m3  Thickness: 3-20mm
PVC-plastic advertising board has the characteristics of water resistance, moisture resistance, sun resistance, moth proof, being easily carved and durable. It is suitable for making advertising board and display board due to the excellent impact resistance and color fastness. It is the first selection of advertising material nowadays.

Density: 300-400kg/m3  Thickness: 3-20mm
WPF is called shave board in America and European countries, with the characteristics of hard texture, light weight, no deformation, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and no pollution, is an excellent new decorative material and also the most ideal carving material in the market.

Building Template
Density: 650-900kg/m3   Thickness: 12-18mm
PVC concrete formwork is widely used in the casting of concrete square columns, walls and roof boards and has good toughness, no breakage, low dilatation coefficient, good water tightness, smooth surface , good abradability, anti-corrosion, high strength and is to demould and concrete in shape is as smooth as water surface. It can replace wood&bamboo plywood, WPC formwork and combo steel formwork completely and can work with multiple formwork mentioned above.
In addition, PVC concrete formwork has high anti-aging and good fire resistance(rated as B1 grade), the size can be customized.
PVC concrete formwork has super-high reusability, up to 30-50 times, and can be recalled and recycled after it's scrapped, reduce the cost to the minimum, consequently, it's the most ideal concrete formwork currently.



LCL: PE bag/carton + protect corner + wooden pallet.
FCL: PE bag/carton loading in bulk.

Loading Reference
Packing thickness 16mm, size 1220*2440mm, 500 sheets in one 20 feet container.
Packing thickness 20mm, size 1220*2440mm, 400 sheets in one 20 feet container.

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