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How to Select Plywoods?

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The following points should be mastered when selecting plywood:


(1) The plywood surface veneer should be clear in wood grain, smooth and smooth on the front, not rough, and should be flat.

(2) Plywood should not be damaged, broken, insects, nail holes, dead knots, burrs and other defects.

(3) The plywood has no degumming phenomenon;

(4) Some plywood is made up of two different types of veneer adhesive tapes. Therefore, the joints of the plywood should be tight and there is no unevenness. In particular, there should be no two different lines on a plywood board, otherwise it will hinder reasonable use, resulting in waste and affecting the appearance of furniture.

(5) When selecting plywood, you can use a wooden stick of about 50cm to gently pry the plywood to the various parts. The sound is well-proportioned and crisp, basically waiting for the inner panel; if the "shell" is muted, it is probably due to degumming or bubbling. The inherent quality problems caused. This type of board can only be used as a lining plate or a top plate and cannot be used as a fabric.

(6) When selecting plywood, pay attention to the color of the wood and the color of the furniture paint.


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