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Specification and installation method of PVC trough board

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There are many varieties and specifications of PVC trunking

In terms of models, there are: PVC-20 series, PVC-25 series, PVC-25F series, PVC-30 series, PVC-40 series, PVC-40Q series, etc.

In terms of specifications, there are: 20mm*12mm, 25mm*12.5mm, 25mm*25mm, 30mm*15mm, 40mm*20mm, etc.

PVC slotted plate installation method1. The embedded wood brick aerated brick wall or the brick wall should be buried into the wood brick after the hole is drilled. The larger side of the trapezoidal brick should face into the hole, and the outer surface should be flush with the building surface. After polishing and curing, fix the PVC shaft plate and bottom plate on the wood brick with wood screws. XMJ2013.10 2. Concrete walls and brick walls can be fixed with plastic expansion pipes. Select the drill bit according to the diameter and length of the expansion tube. Drill a hole at the marked fixed point. These holes cannot tilt. After vertical drilling, clear the residual sundries in the hole. A mallet is used to punch the plastic expansion tube vertically into the hole and level with the building surface. Fill in the gaps with plaster. Fix the bottom plate to the plastic expansion tube and close to the building surface with a half-head wood screw and washer. Secure the ends, and then secure the middle. 3. Umbrella bolt can be used to fix plasterboard wall or other protective wall, and locate the fixed point according to the elastic line of the sign. Steel wire trough floor close to building surface horizontally and vertically, drill bolts. The two leaves are clamped together and inserted into the hole. Then the closed leaves are opened by themselves with nuts and then tightened again.

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