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The difference between OSB and Partical Board

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 "OSB" core board is Oriented Strand Board (Oriented Strand Board), or OSB for short. It is also called "Ou Song board" on the market. It is a kind of fresh wood with a large diameter and straight trunk as raw material. The processing equipment processes flat and narrow chips with a length of 40mm120mm, a width of 5mm20mm, and a thickness of 0.30.7mm along the direction of the wood grain. The surface core layer of chips is crisscrossed and oriented by drying, sizing and special paving equipment. After installation, it is a kind of man-made board which is formed by hot pressing.


Solid wood particle board is also called ordinary particle board, particle board, non-oriented structure particle board. This kind of board is a man-made board made by breaking wood or other wooden side materials into scraps, applying a glue, and glueing it under the action of heat and pressure. Its internal structure is irregular, it is broken up, it is easy to swell when damp, and its nail holding power is poor.


OSB board, also known as oriented structure particle board, is an upgraded product of particle board. Its internal structure is regular, not broken up.

OSB board is widely used in: overall wardrobes, cabinets, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wine cabinets, office furniture, etc. It is a substitute for fine wood (easy to deform) and plywood.

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