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Advantages of ash furniture and MDF furniture

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Advantages of Manchurian furniture:

Advantage 1:   cut surface is very smooth, paint and stickier can also be very good.

Suitable for dry climate, and very slight aging, little performance change.

Advantage 2:   from the other performance of furniture of Ash, ash adapt to the performance of processing is also very good, can moderately grasp the fixation, aging characteristics is very weak, and also has a very good strength, seismic and steam bending performance is very good.

Advantage 3:   from the oneself of furniture of manchurian ash, the furniture that makes it with manchurian ash is full of flexibility, still have a toughness, because manchurian ash grows in humid temperate zone area, the furniture that makes it so besides the characteristic that has wear-resisting, still have the natural color that bears humidity.

Main advantages of MFC:

1, medium fiber board is easy to finish processing.

All kinds of coatings and paints can be evenly coated on the density board, which is the preferred base material for paint effect.

2. Medium fiber board is a beautiful decorative board.

3, medium fiber board all kinds of wood, rubber paper film, decorative panel, light metal sheet and other materials can be glued on the surface of the density board.

4. The hard density board can be made into sound absorbing board through punching and drilling, which can be applied in architectural decoration engineering.

5. Excellent physical performance, uniform material, no dehydration problem.




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