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    Specification and installation method of PVC trough board

    There are many varieties and specifications of PVC trunking. In terms of models, there are: PVC-20 series, PVC-25 series, PVC-25F series, PVC-30 series, PVC-40 series, PVC-40Q series, etc.In terms of specifications, there are: 20mm*12mm, 25mm*12.5mm, 25mm*25mm, 30mm*15mm, 40mm*20mm, etc.
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    Introduction to the advantages of multi-layer ecological boards

    Multi-layer ecological board is our preferred board for interior decoration and furniture production. This kind of furniture is natural and pollution-free and belongs to the green and environmentally friendly board.
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    The process difference between panel furniture and solid wood furniture

    Real wood furniture needs to consume a lot of real wood, can need a lot of wood, but very strict to the requirement that make, the price is higher namely, and the wood that plank furniture USES is synthetic, the price is relatively cheap, the advantage is the price is cheap. 1. Technology of solid w
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    The difference between panel furniture and solid wood furniture

    1.High density of panel furnitureDensity represents the quality of the material, the higher the density of office furniture plate hardness, stability is better, but take pine for example, because it is a common tree, the density is medium;And the density of the board because it is high pressure and
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    The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed

    The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed: characteristic styleSolid wood bed is to choose natural wood to give priority to to make a kind of bed to provide namely, because to highlight the wood grain wood color of real wood raw material, solid wood bed design is depicted on more with Chine
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    Difference between partical board and MDF

    1. Different Materials The wardrobe panels on the MDF market mainly use man-made panels, while solid wood is rarely used. Artificial board is divided into plywood, particle board , fiberboard, solid wood multilayer board, among which fiberboard has high density, medium density and low density.
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    Classification of OSB

    The osb board can be divided into four grades: osb1, osb2, osb3, and osb4. osb1 is general-purpose board and decoration materials (including furniture), suitable for indoor dry conditions.
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    The use and maintenance of panel furniture

    Furniture must not be put in the place with high temperature, damp, intense vibration, intense light. Direct sunlight, often insolation can make furniture paint film fades, metal fittings is easy to oxidize metamorphism, wood is easy to send brittle. Summer had better use a curtain to block insolati
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    The advantages and maintenance of panel office furniture

    1. Save costs The base material that board type furniture place USES is to use the leftover makings that process place is made for material, so apparent, board type office furniture has direct economy lumber, reduce production cost a bit, to consumer, board type office furniture also compares cheap
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    The difference between OSB and Partical Board

    "OSB" core board is Oriented Strand Board (Oriented Strand Board), or OSB for short. It is also called "Ou Song board" on the market. It is a kind of fresh wood with a large diameter and straight trunk as raw material.
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    Partical Board

    Particle board is also called bagasse board. It is made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After applying adhesive, it is glued under heat and pressure. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, train and automobile carriage manufacturing. Because the particle board has
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    The characteristic of panel wardrobe

    1.CheapIn the market most people still rush for its cheap just buy, this also is plank wood furniture biggest advantage.2. Simple and generous modelingMan-made board cannot have too much detail processing, so modelling develops toward concise and easy, and its quality also compares real wood furnit
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    The structure and purchase skills of panel furniture

    The combination of panel furniture is usually connected by various metal hardware, which is convenient for transportation. Because the base material breaks the original physical structure of the wood, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the deformation of the wood-based panel is much b
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    Introduction of Furniture Materials

    Type of substrate 1. Plywood : Production: It is made by hot pressing of three or more layers of one millimeter thick veneer or thin plate glue.Alias: thin core board.Features: not easy to deform, good water resistance.Glue: Use less glue. 2. Particle board : Production: Scraps made of wood or othe
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    Advantages of ash furniture and MDF furniture

    Advantages of Manchurian furniture:Advantage 1: cut surface is very smooth, paint and stickier can also be very good.Suitable for dry climate, and very slight aging, little performance change.Advantage 2: from the other performance of furniture of Ash, ash adapt to the performance of processing is a
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    Particleboard furniture performance

    Moisture resistance of particleboard furniture The moistureproof performance of particleboard furniture is mainly concerned with its internal structure. Observing the cross section of particleboard, it can be found that the inside of the particleboard has three layers: the outer two layers have smal
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    MDF and Applications

    MDF is called the Medium Density Fiberboard, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, prepared by fiber, applied with synthetic resin, and pressed under the condition of heat and pressure.According to its density,
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    Advantages of Panel Furniture

    Advantages of the panel furniture Panel furniture is made from artificial boards. Common artificial boards include plywood, MDF, particle board, PVC foam board, etc. Advantages of panel furniturea. The most obvious advantage, panel furnitures can be disassembled and assembled at will, with rich sh
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    Definition of plastic formwork/ film faced plywood

    Plastic formwork is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It is a new type of replacement product after wood formwork, combined steel formwork, bamboo-wood glued formwork, and all-steel large formwork. It can completely replace the traditional steel formwork, wooden formwork, square
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    Definition panel furniture and solid wood furniture

    Which is better? Panel furniture or solid wood furniturePanel furniture and solid wood furniture are distinguished from the following two aspects:First, production materials:Solid wood furniture refers to pure solid wood furniture, all materials are natural materials that have not been reprocessed.
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    Differences between primary and secondary molding film faced plywood

    What is primary and secondary molding”?When we purchase film faced plywood (building formwork), we usually face the selection of“One time hot press or Two times hot press”.One time hot press refers to primary moldingTwo times hot press refers to secondary moldingThe so-called primary and secondary m
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    Plywood is a composite material, although we often consider it as a traditional working material. It is composed of individual plies / veneers of wood. It is very strong due to the way the plies are put together. The grain of each ply is positioned at ninety degrees to the pieces of ply above and be
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    Plywood Surface Wood Veneer Grading Rules

    Plywood surface wood veneer grading rules differ according to the country of origin. The most popular standards are the British Standard (BS) and the American Standard (ASTM). Joyce (Joyce, Ernes. 1970. The Technique of Furniture Making. London: B. T. Batsford Limited.), however, list some general i
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    How to identify the quality of the PVC Edge Banding Tape?

    When the proportion of calcium carbonate is high, the physical properties are unstable, the PCV edge banding will be easily broken and fade color. High-quality PVC edge banding, due to the high proportion of PVC components, product stability is very high, then it will not be easily broken and fade color
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    Plywood vs MDF

    What is plywood?Plywood is a sheet made of glue applied to the splicing wood. The surface of the board is flat and easy to process.Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layered plate-like material which is formed by cutting a wooden section into a veneer or by cutting into a thin wood by wood, and then
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    Different Glue Types of Marine Plywood

    What is the difference between Phenolic WBP, Melamine WBP and Mr glue? Quality is different, Phenolic WBP glue plywood can be used more than 20times, Melamine WBP glue plywood can be used 6~10times. MR glue plywood can be used 2~4times. Phenolic WBP can bear 72 hours in boiling water, Melamine WBP
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    Indoor Decoration, OSB or Plywood?

    According to the building code, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and plywood can be used interchangeably and both are referred to as "structural wood panels" because both OSB and plywood are bonded to the wood and formed at high temperatures and pressures. Although there are obvious similarities, there a
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    Why to Choose UV Coated Boards?

    The UV coated board is one kind of board(plywood&MDF&Particle board) whose surface is protected by UV treatment. The surface is bright, wear-resistant, chemically resistant, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture and deformation.The UV color is complete, can be made according to the color specified
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    The Harm of Formaldehyde to Humans

    The renovated room always has a pungent smell, and the stay is a little longer. People will have dizziness, glare, sore throat, chest tightness and other adverse reactions, which is mostly a visual manifestation of formaldehyde damage. According to statistics, there are different levels of air pollu
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    How to Select Plywoods?

    The following points should be mastered when selecting:(1) Plywood has the difference between the front and the back. When selecting, the plywood should be clear in wood grain, smooth and smooth on the front, not rough, and should be flat.(2) Plywood should not be damaged, broken, insects, nail hole
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