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The advantages and maintenance of panel office furniture

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1. Save costs The base material that board type furniture place USES is to use the leftover makings that process place is made for material, so apparent, board type office furniture has direct economy lumber, reduce production cost a bit, to consumer, board type office furniture also compares cheap material benefit, and durable. From the indirect, the board type office furniture also has the environmental protection, the green environmental protection point because saves the wood. 2. Various styles Because there are a lot of decoration options for board type office furniture, different textures and colors can be selected according to different office environment and office furniture collocation when customizing office furniture, which meets the personalized needs of modern people for office furniture. 3. Easy to dismantle and send The board type office furniture has high density, does not deform, and has a very strong compressive resistance. The assembly of board type office furniture is generally through hardware accessories, so disassembly and transportation is convenient. For example, screen slots in offices are used for transportation and assembly. 1. Smooth setting The floor of the board type office furniture must be kept flat and balanced on all four legs. 2. Remove dust Had better use pure cotton knit cloth when the dirt on clear furniture, brush of brush of fine and soft wool next clear sunken or the dust in embossment. 3. Keep away from the sun The position that furniture puts had better not suffer sunshine point-in-point, often insolate can make furniture paint film fades, metal fittings is easy oxidation metamorphism, wood sends brittle easily. Summer had better use a curtain to block insolation, in order to protect furniture 4. Indoor humidity Want to keep indoor humidity namely, do not let furniture get damp. Use humidifier in spring and autumn should limit the time, to prevent excessive humidity and damage to furniture, such as wood decay, metal corrosion, adhesive parts easy to break away from glue, etc.

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