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Particleboard furniture performance

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Moisture resistance of particleboard furniture The moistureproof performance of particleboard furniture is mainly concerned with its internal structure. Observing the cross section of particleboard, it can be found that the inside of the particleboard has three layers: the outer two layers have smaller particles, while the middle layer has larger particles. The middle layer of particleboard retains the fiber structure of log wood fiber, the internal structure is closer, the external moisture is not easy to infiltrate into the board from the outside, obviously the moistureproof property of particleboard furniture is good, placed in a humid environment is not easy to deformation, or even loose. If you are not assured, you can choose to soak in small pieces of water at a temperature of about 25℃, after a period of time to see the increase in the thickness of the plate, if the difference between the thickness of the plate before and after soaking is too large, indicating that the absorbent thickness of the plate expansion rate is not pass. 2.Bending resistance of particleboard furniture The bending resistance of the substrate relates to the ability of the furniture to resist external forces, thus affecting the service life of the furniture. Particleboard is generally a three-layer mechanism. The middle lamellar part retains the fiber structure and inherits the feature of compact fiber structure, so it has strong bending resistance and is not easy to produce deformation even if suddenly impacted by external forces. 3.The arrangement of particleboard furniture (1) The usual board furniture is made up of hardware will plate, if the plate grip nail force is not good, nails into the easy to appear loose, the service life of the furniture will be greatly reduced. Particleboard is dense in the interior. From the perspective of nail holding force, particleboard furniture connected with hardware is not easy to come loose. (2) Chipboard can also open tenon and mortise, using the traditional woodworking mortise and tenon joint technology, the true Yang group connection method not only reduces the hardware damage to the board, the connection between the components is closer at the same time can reduce the use of horizontal.




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