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The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed

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The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed: characteristic style

Solid wood bed is to choose natural wood to give priority to to make a kind of bed to provide namely, because to highlight the wood grain wood color of real wood raw material, solid wood bed design is depicted on more with Chinese style fine about characteristic give priority to;

And the board type bed that chooses man-made plank to make and become, exterior description highlights contemporary and fashionable, model style is a few more, the characteristic that can satisfy contemporary consumer is fashionable demand.

The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed: environmental protection function

Although solid wood bed juncture place chooses adhesive to agglutinate more, and board type bed chooses hardware fittings to undertake combinative connection more, for this one layer, solid wood bed pollution wants a few bigger.

But because choose the distinction of function of lumber environmental protection oneself, choose the real wood bed that natural real wood makes, generally speaking the pollution that forms about household is concerned at board type bed still is to want a few less.

In modern mankind more and more advocate today of green environmental protection, solid wood bed is undoubted more the household idea that accords with consumer.

The difference between slab bed and solid wood bed: disassembly and maintenance

Solid wood bed and board type bed have different combination to join a method, with respect to this, board type bed disassembly installs transfer to compare with real wood bed more convenient a few.

Other because the artificial plate has experienced mechanical processing, not easy to crack deformation, so choose artificial plate manufacturing and the board bed is more stable on the function.

The item that the demand notices in real wood bed maintains job commonly is relatively a few more, want to prevent dry moistureproof, avoid sunshine to shine directly.

The distinction of board type bed and solid wood bed: guide of choose and buy

Choose plank type wooden bed the most important is to concern plank quality and environmental protection sex.

Because board type wood bed is to use man-made synthetic board to make, basically include high density board, medium density board (medium fiber board), particleboard to wait for 3 kinds, among them high density board hardness is the highest, not easy craze, moistureproof sex is best also, the price is expensive;

In fiber board second, particleboard soft, moistureproof poor, cheap.

The main cost of real wood bed is the price of real wood raw material, the material that choose is more precious, the bed price that makes it is higher also.

Consumers without professional knowledge can grasp such a principle, the higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the grain, usually the higher the price.

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