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The process difference between panel furniture and solid wood furniture

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Real wood furniture needs to consume a lot of real wood, can need a lot of wood, but very strict to the requirement that make, the price is higher namely, and the wood that plank furniture USES is synthetic, the price is relatively cheap, the advantage is the price is cheap. 1. Technology of solid wood furniture One is all solid wood furniture. That is to say, all materials of furniture made of solid wood, such as tables, wardrobes and door panels, are made of solid wood. Do not use other types of wood-based panels. All solid wood furniture is very demanding in terms of workmanship and materials. Solid wood material selection drying, finger joints and joints are very strict requirements. The other is solid wood furniture. Frame wood is usually used and accessories are made of wood-based panels. Namely side board, floor, shelf is made by veneer man-made board. The panel frame, table legs and backrest, door frames and drawers are solid wood. This type of structure is a common process worldwide, which not only saves wood resources, but also causes less deformation and cracking, and has a beautiful appearance. 2. Technology of board furniture Board furniture refers to the removal of wooden panels as the main base material of modular furniture, and make the surface of the surface with the basic structure of the panel. Most of this kind of furniture is wood grain simulation furniture. Some of the board furniture on the market is becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and feel, and the products with good workmanship are also very expensive. But everyone should pay special attention to the choice when making a choice. Common wood-based panels include plywood and joinery. Plywood is commonly used to make furniture that needs to be bent and deformed. The performance of the separator is sometimes affected by the core material.

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