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The use and maintenance of panel furniture

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1.Furniture must not be put in the place with high temperature, damp, intense vibration, intense light. Direct sunlight, often insolation can make furniture paint film fades, metal fittings is easy to oxidize metamorphism, wood is easy to send brittle. 2.Summer had better use a curtain to block insolation, in order to protect furniture. The room should be kept cool and ventilated. 3.When undertaking cleanness to furniture, should undertake dusting with the flexible appliance such as feather duster first, reoccupy soft cloth is wiped gently. 4.Avoid hard or sharp objects collision furniture, do not knock on the surface of glass or metal decoration. 5.Furniture metal ornaments should only be gently wiped with a dry towel, do not use detergent containing chemicals, do not use acidic liquid cleaning.Such as metal decoration surface is difficult to remove the black spot, available kerosene wipe, cleaning. Regular inspection of furniture connectors, found loose should be timely reinforcement. 6.Board type furniture can use towel to touch a small amount of water or right amount cleanser to undertake cleanness, board piece can undertake nursing with furniture nursing wax regularly, keep cabinet inside clean.If edge of board type furniture appears, become turned up and leave a layer, can be on thin cloth above, with ironing stick can restore original appearance. If board type furniture has scratch or bruise, usable fill with lubricate paint. 7.In case of dislocation, failure or damage of products caused by disassembly and assembly, the store shall be notified in time to assist in handling. 8.Put board type furniture must be kept flat on the ground, legs balanced on the ground. If the furniture placement, is in a state of often rocking motion instability, time will make a joint falls off or fasteners, binding part of the craze, so as to effect use effect and reduce the useful service life of furniture. In addition, if the ground soft furniture imbalance, also don't use wood or iron mat furniture legs, so even if the balance, it is hard to force uniform, long term damage furniture interior structures. The only way to compensate is finishing the ground, or use a larger area of the hard rubber is spread in the south, in order to make smooth furniture legs on the ground. 9.Had better use pure cotton knit cloth when the dirt on clear furniture, brush of brush of fine and soft wool next clear sunken or the dust in embossment. The furniture that passes paint processing, avoid is wiped with benzine or organic solvent, can use colorless furniture glazing wax is wiped, in order to enhance burnish to reduce fall dust.

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