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The difference between panel furniture and solid wood furniture

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1.High density of panel furniture

Density represents the quality of the material, the higher the density of office furniture plate hardness, stability is better, but take pine for example, because it is a common tree, the density is medium;

And the density of the board because it is high pressure and becomes the board, so the density is very high, a cubic volume of artificial board, the weight is higher than a cubic of pine much.

2. panel desks are higher in stability 

Pine does not have a very big shortcoming, that is easy to suffer the influence of air dry humidity and produce craze, so general pine office furniture must brush very thick paint in order to protect it, but this is not environmental protection.

And the board and fire prevention and moistureproof performance is a very good board, itself is sawdust composition cracking will not happen.

3.Plate desks are cheaper. 

Panel desks are cheaper than solid wood, as is the case everywhere, and even pine is more expensive than sheet wood.

The advantage on the price decided customer first choice, plus above two points of advantage, can say board type desk total cost performance is to want to be higher than real wood.

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