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High Quality Customized Plastic PVC ABS Edge Banding for Furniture Fittings PVC Edge Banding

PVC Edge Banding, is one kind of process and an associated narrow strip of material, Which is used to create durable and aesthetically-pleasing trim edges during finish carpentry.
Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of furniture & cabinet materials such as plywood, MDF and particle board ,increasing durability and giving the appearance of a solid or more valuable material.
  • HL-02315


  • 3919909000

PVC Banding Overview


Material PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Melamine paper, environment friendly materials according to your requirement etc
Thickness 0.4mm - 5mm, Customized sizes can be organized
Width 9mm - 80mm, Customized sizes can be organized
Length (Per Roll) 50m, 100m, 200m, 300m
Surface Color Titanium White, Wood Grain, Solid Color, Shine, Glossy, Embossed etc. (Any design/color is available.)
Finish High Glossy, Bright, Matt, Super Matt, Textured
Packaging Protected with plastic foam and packaged in cartons
Supply ability 9000,000m per month
MOQ 3000 Meters per color






4. 产品生产流程

                           Solid Color PVC Edge Banding Process:
                           Raw materials - mixing - granulation - extrusion - finished products.

                           Wood grain color PVC edge banding process:
                           Monochrome edge banding extrusion molding - roll coating base - gravure wood grain color -

                           UV varnish - curing UV - finished products.

5. 包装装箱


How to distinguish the quality of PVC edge banding?
PVC edge banding is divided into several proportions according to the ratio of added PVC and calcium carbonate. When the proportion of calcium carbonate is high, the physical properties are unstable, the PCV edge banding will be easily broken and fade color. High-quality PVC edge banding, due to the high proportion of PVC components, product stability is very high, then it will not be easily broken and fade color.
The quality of PVC edge banding  is generally reflected in the following aspects:
1. The surface is smooth, no bubbles, no lines, and the gloss is moderate;
2. The surface and back are flat, uniform in thickness and uniform in width;
3. The hardness is reasonable, the higher the elasticity, the better the quality and the stronger the wear resistance;
4. The back treatment agent is transparent or white, and The coating should be uniform. If it is not handled properly, it will result in low adhesion and even unable to be bonded after the edge banding;
5. The color of each batch of edge banding should be as consistent as possible. The smaller the color difference of different batches, the better the quality;
6. No debris and gaps while trimming and cutting.

How to use PVC edge banding correctly ?
1. Mostly, the higher the temperature, the better the bond strength. It is recommended to use medium and high temperature hot melt adhesive as much as possible for best results.
2. Manual edge banding machine or semi-automatic edge banding machine are not recommended , because there is no polishing function, it is recommended to manually polish to ensure the trimming effect.
3. During the process of use, if the glue line is too thick or there is overflowing and drawing, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the edge banding machine and the temperature of the hot melt adhesive.
4. If the surface of the edge banding tape is easily scratched by the equipment during the edge sealing process, the surface of the edge banding tape is not properly treated and is unqualified.
5. In the process of using the edge banding, if the sealing does not occur, please check whether the indoor temperature and hot melt temperature are correct (no less than 18°C) or the speed of edge banding machine is too slow.

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